Ticket with T-shirt

To commemorate the 15th anniversary of Tomoya Nakamura's art history and the renewal of "TOP COAT LAND", we will develop a ticket with a special T-shirt supervised by Tomoya Nakamura himself!

ladies and gentlemen! Get this T-shirt and enjoy the evening festival event together! !!

▼ Ticket sales period with goods:
① Those who applied from noon on 12/1 (Tuesday) to 18:00 on 12/7 (Monday)
* T-shirts will be mailed by 12/26 on the day of delivery.

* If the customer information you enter when applying is incorrect,
Please note that we may not be able to deliver the T-shirt by the day of delivery.

② Those who applied from 18:00 on 12/7 (Monday) to 23:59 on 12/31 (Thursday)
* Delivery is scheduled for late January 2021 or later.

In addition to the above, TOPCOAT LAND members will receive an event original "Digital Picture Ticket" to commemorate their participation in the event!

ladies and gentlemen! We look forward to your enrollment in "TOP COAT LAND" at this opportunity.

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