Regarding the app

With respect to the "TOPCOAT STUDIO" app

What kind of service is TOPCOAT STUDIO?

This is a new service where you can enjoy the original distribution of TOPCOAT artists.

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iOS App Store

Android Google Play

Tomoya Nakamura 15th Anniversary of Performing Arts + TOPCOAT LAND Renewal Memorial 2020 Xmas Afternoon Festival Ticket Purchase Method

Regarding viewing
In addition to downloading the app, you will need to log in with your Bitfan ID.
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You can also register using your Twitter, Facebook, or Apple ID.

What is Bitfan
Bitfan is a service required to join and log in to "TOP COAT LAND".
In addition, you will need to obtain a Bitfan ID and PASS (free of charge) to purchase tickets and view the "TOP COAT STUDIO" app.
If you have already joined TOPCOAT LAND, you have already obtained a Bitfan ID, so please use the Bitfan ID you obtained when you joined TOPCOAT LAND when logging in to the app. (There is no need to obtain a Bitfan ID separately)

Regarding viewing on a PC
If you have purchased a ticket, please log in and click "Proceed to distribution page" on the following page to proceed to the viewing page.

* Please note that you cannot post comments when viewing from a PC.

What is the comment function?
It is a function that allows you to comment on time while watching the distribution.
It's good to watch it alone, but by watching it while watching the comments of other users, it feels like everyone is watching together.
It is also recommended for live calls.

1. Tap the comment input field at the bottom of the screen
2. Comments are displayed
3. The keyboard will be displayed, so please send your impressions.
* The comment function was turned off during the test distribution.

Is there a charge?
At TOPCOAT STUDIO, some contents can be used free of charge.
In addition, if you purchase a ticket with PPV, you can enjoy archive viewing such as live cast distribution, on-demand distribution for members only, and live broadcasting.

I can't watch
If you use a browser or OS that is not recommended, it may not work properly.

Below, recommended browser / OS
■ Smartphone
Chrome latest version
iOS 11.0 and above
Android 5.1 and above

■ PC
Chrome latest version
Safari latest version
Firefox latest version
Edge latest version

■ Android
Android 6.0 and above
■ iOS app
iOS 12 and above

The screen turns white
It will be improved by updating the iOS and Android versions, so please update.
iOS = version 14
Android = version 11

Cannot be installed overseas
Since it is only available in the Japanese store, you can install it by switching to the Japanese store.