▼ How to buy a ticket?

You can purchase from the URL below.


▼ Is it possible to purchase only T-shirts?

Currently, we do not sell only T-shirts. It will be on sale after the event.

▼ Can I choose the T-shirt size?

T-shirts are available in one size. The size will be (L)
Size Dimensions: Length: 74 / Width: 55 / Shoulder width: 50 / Sleeve length: 22 (Unit: cm)

▼ What is the "Digital Picture Ticket" distributed exclusively to TOP COAT LAND members?

Digital picture tickets are exclusive to purchasers to commemorate the event.

▼ How to watch after purchasing a ticket?

We recommend watching with the video-only app "TOP COAT STUDIO".

In addition, you can watch it on your computer or tablet.

For viewing from a computer,
after logging in
Click "Proceed to distribution page" on the following page to proceed to the viewing page.


* Please note that you cannot post comments when viewing from a computer .

▼ What kind of service is TOP COAT STUDIO?

This is a new service where you can enjoy the original distribution of TOPCOAT artists.

▼ Click here to download

iOS App Store  


Android Google Play  


A test video will be distributed by Tomoya Nakamura from 12/24 20:00, so please download the app in advance and watch it.

▼ Is there a charge?

At TOPCOAT STUDIO, some contents can be used free of charge.

In addition, if you purchase a ticket with PPV, you can enjoy archive viewing such as live cast distribution, on-demand distribution for members only, and live broadcasting.

Unless you purchase it yourself, there is no usage fee, so please enjoy it with confidence.

▼ Is there an internet communication fee to watch?

Customers are responsible for the cost of internet communication related to browsing.

In addition, please maintain the viewing environment and internet environment by yourself.

We cannot do anything here.

▼ Is it possible to watch on mobile 4G?

Although it is possible, it is expected that the amount of data communication will increase due to video distribution, so we recommend using a stable Internet environment (Wi-Fi, etc.).

▼ What happens if I don't have an internet environment at home?

You can also watch via mobile communication, but depending on your Internet environment, communication may become unstable due to communication restrictions, etc., which may affect the viewing of videos.

In such a case, we cannot handle it at all, so please be sure to check the internet environment before purchasing the ticket.

▼ I am considering purchasing a ticket, but I cannot watch it on the day. Do you do missed delivery (archive delivery)?

Overlooked distribution (archive distribution) will be released as soon as it is ready after the distribution ends.

The release period is scheduled to be from 0:00 on Sunday, December 27, 2020 to 23:59 on Thursday, December 31, 2020.

▼ I would like to post a question to an event. How can I post a question?

Posting is completed by posting a question on Twitter with "# I'd like to ask you not to use it".

Application Period: December 22, from 19:00 to December 23, 23:59

▼ Please tell me the performance time of the event.

This event is scheduled for about 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Please note that this is just a guideline.

We do not necessarily guarantee that it will fit within 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Thank you for your understanding in advance.


If the FAQ does not help, please contact us from here .

* Depending on the content of your question, it may take some time to answer or you may not be able to answer.